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Dubrovnik excursions


Bus trip to Dubrovnik with a tour through the old town with a guide. Distance about 60 km. In the tumultuous history in this area is touched and clashed many sovereign and maritime powers: Byzantine, Saracen, Croat, Norman, Venetian, small principalities and kingdoms, and the Hungarian-Croatian state and the Roman-German Empire, Ottoman, Habsburg and Napoleon empire. On such a small crossroads town of Dubrovnik succeeded in political skill to win full sovereignty, so that for centuries acted as a neutral, independent state - the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Medjugorje excursions


It is located 60 km from Neum .The parish of Medjugorje is located in the southern part of Herzegovina, in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Herzegovina occupies an area of 9948 km2. On the east it borders with Montenegro, the north and west by Bosnia, the south and southeast by Croatia the southern part of the Adriatic coast. The main cultural and administrative center is the city of Mostar. Medjugorje became known worldwide in early eighties when six children experienced apparition of Our Lady Maria which happened 1981st year. From then until today, millions of tourists have visited this shrine.

Mostar excursions


Mostar, political, financial and cultural center HN County, located at the foot of the slopes of the mountain Velez, Hum and Cabulje, in the valley of the Neretva River, at an altitude of 60-80m. Mostar is for centuries at the crossroads of civilizations and each of them left a part of its uniqueness. It is a city of sun, green, blossom, which is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers. Mostar is 60 km from the sea, and it and its vicinity are famous and unique sites of cultural and historic treasures and heritage, which bear witness to life in this region in ancient times. The most famous monument is the old bridge over the Neretva river, was built between 1557-1566, the work of Turkish builder Hayruddin. On November 9, 1993 it was destroyed in the war until after the renewal of the 2004th year old bridge was included on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

Korcula excursions


Korcula is separated from the Peljesac peninsula by a narrow channel which is the first of a kind, from south to north. The island is an important region of the Mediterranean sclerophyllous, evergreen vegetation. Flora belongs to the Mediterranean floral factor in highlighting many plant species. Korcula Island is dominated by the Peljesac Channel, and because of these characteristics was of particular importance for the maritime forces. It is also known fact that in the town of Korcula born world traveller Marco Polo.

Mljet excursions


We offer you a trip to the island of Mljet, the most beautiful and greenest island in the Adriatic, is one of the most beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean. Isolated and untouched island mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests are ideal for exploring the rich flora and fauna and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. It is mentioned in the fourth century BC in Greek writings, and numerous finds of Greek amphora and shipwrecks along the coast of Mljet testify that the Greek sailors stayed on Mljet shores along the way. Mljet National Park covers most of the island; several villages, two lakes - Big and Little Lake, a Benedictine monastery on the island of St. Mary, and Polace is the best natural anchorage entire Adriatic.

Hutovo Blato excursions


Nature Park "Hutovo blato" was founded in the 1995th year. It is located in southeastern Herzegovina, on the left side of the Neretva River in the territory of the municipality Capljina and Stolac,as extremely habitat for numerous plant and animal species mentioned from ancient times. After the Second World War "Hutovo mud" was protected solely as an elite hunting. International Council for Bird Protection (ICBP) is ranked 1998th year "Hutovo blato" in the list of internationally important bird habitats. Then in 2001, Nature park "Hutovo blato" was inscribed on the List of Wetlands of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention methodology and registered at UNESCO in Paris Directorate.

Vjetrenica excursions


The trip to the cave Vjetrenica, hydrologically active flow caving facility with up to 4 water flow, and dozens of smaller periodic flows from underground lakes. The position of the cave is the area south colorful outback, with the entrance on the edge of „Popovo polje“, 300m east of the center of the village of Zavala at 260 m altitude, 12 km air distance to the Adriatic Sea. The basic direction of the cave channels is south-southeast (toward the sea). It was decorated for tourism even before the 1940s. Extensively decorated and electrified in 1964, in the 1050m with a path length of landscaped 1800m. From 1952 it became a protected natural monument, from 1965 in the category of special geological reserves, in 2004 it was nominated for a preliminary list of world heritage by UNESCO.

Split excursions


City offers shade of the Marjan forest in the western part of the peninsula, 15 kilometers promenade and Dalmatian song in the cobbled streets of the old town, situated on one of the sunniest parts of the central Mediterranean is famous for its climate, measurable through 2700 hours of sunshine annually. Split is a city in which the chronicler easy to write down how he lives in a slow motion you'll soon adapt. The feeling that every day is a holiday, squares, restaurants and cafés are crowded and unavoidable "riva", which refreshed the summer breeze, and in the winter, as winter coat, the Mediterranean sun and protect the palace from the cold, and all that can be expressed a simple statement - feel at home.

Sarajevo excursions


Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is its administrative, economic, cultural, academic and sports center. The city is unique and unrepeatable, as is Sarajevo, is able to recognize all the sublime beauty in the differences and all the spiritual wealth of the characteristics of the other. This unique experience we want to share with the rest of the world. Awareness of ourselves as part of the world culture and tradition, is strongly present. We want to believe that Europe and the world respect and accept that view. Sarajevo as a symbol of suffering and a symbol of hope and faith in the future is an ideal place in the cosmos, perhaps the only ground for interplanetary cultural dialogue.

Kotor excursions


The Old Town of Kotor lay in the shadows of the fearsome St. John’s Hill and the walls protecting this town are a fortification masterpiece at up to 15 meters wide and 20 meters high each. These walls are skilfully crafted into the natural steep slopes of the hill and the view of this town on approach is one of the amazing sights, not only of the Mediterranean, but of the world.
A person’s first look at Kotor, whether from the sea or from the road, always leaves a strong impression. Kotor is unique for several reasons. It is located on the only natural fjord of its kind in the world and in a bay that has made the list of Most Beautiful Bays in the World. But visiting Kotor is about more than beautiful views—it’s also about experiencing the cultural heritage of Boka Kotorska Bay.
Kotor is the only city on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea to be located by name in historical maps. It is the only Mediterranean city-maze, which gives during the tourist season special charm.


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